This word keeps resonating in my heart and mind and has compelled me to follow its call.  My life experience and intuition has created fertile soil for this word to take root in my soul.

My mother has a rare gift for making each of her nine children feel that we are important. Despite a slim budget she shopped at garage sales all year so that each child could have special gifts at Christmas; after school she made fried dough for her children and half of the neighborhood, feeding our spirits as well as our stomachs as she listened to all; she created ritual and ceremony around everything from birthdays to Iowa’s tornadoes (there will be a future blog).

My career working in the field of Human Resources and Leadership Development showed me that employees, including the most senior executives, crave the affirmation that they, and what they do, matters. I have seen the fleeting look of satisfaction as an employee was assigned to a weighty project. I have witnessed an executive’s gratification when their counsel was sought on critical decisions.

Finally, I have been blessed with a mate, family, and friends whose grace and care for me and our relationships have nourished me, and fed my desire to give back.

Significance is defined as the quality of being worthy of attention and importance.  Its Latin roots Significantia denotes meaning, force, and energy.  The verb,  Matters, connotes importance and having significance, further reinforcing and directing energies toward the concept,  “Significance Matters”.

Given these definitions, the central question then becomes what, and who is, worthy of being treated with attention and importance and once determined; how do we create energy to make that happen?  Significance Matters represents my answering a call to purpose; to answer these questions and to make a difference.

In launching “Significance Matters” my purpose is:

To inspire people to recognize their inherent worth and that of others and to act with new and sustained levels of intention and action to illuminate this truth.

To infect people with the highly contagious virus of love and care that will foster vibrant health and well being in the minds, bodies and souls of individuals causing a positive multiplier effect in our world.

The vehicles of inspiration will include many creative collaborations, foremost with my partner in love and life, Tim Lesmeister, and take many forms: blogs, books, film, and song.

I invite and welcome all of you on this sacred journey.

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