Significance Matters

In launching “Significance Matters” my purpose is:

To inspire people to recognize their inherent worth and that of others and to act with new and sustained levels of intention and action to illuminate this truth.

To infect people with the highly contagious virus of love and care that will foster vibrant health and well being in the minds, bodies and souls of individuals causing a positive multiplier effect in our world.

The vehicles of inspiration will include many creative collaborations, foremost with my partner in love and life, Tim Lesmeister, and take many forms: blogs, books, film, and song.

I invite and welcome all of you on this sacred journey.

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Significance Matters holds dialogue sessions and workshops around the world to deepen understanding and inspire action around treating others with significance.

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Blogs will include exploration of the opportunities and challenges associated with treating self and others with significance. The blogs will include stories and examples to illustrate the issue at hand.  Most importantly every blog will include “A Call to Action” to provide reflections, ideas, and concrete actions to change the way we honor the value and worth of ourselves and others.

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Your Stories

Significance Matters wants to know what you are doing to bring the principle of treating self and others with significance to life. Please send us your story for consideration to publish on our website to inspire other readers.

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