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Inner Light Exposure Photo Exhibit – Request for Photos

Purpose of  “Inner Light Exposure” Exhibit

The “Inner Light Exposure” exhibit is curated by Rae Lesmeister for Significance Matters.  The core mission of  Significance Matters is to inspire people to recognize their inherent worth and that of others.  The “Inner Light Exposure” exhibit provides an opportunity for you to participate in this mission.  A small panel representing Significance Matters will choose the 25-50 photos which best represent the theme of the exhibit.

Through the act of sharing a photo for the exhibit, you will not only claim and share your inner light, you will give those viewing the exhibit an opportunity to bear witness to your, and other’s significance. In the process exhibit attendees will gain a deeper appreciation of their worth and that of people in their lives.

Photo Submission Requirements

The photo must be of you and only you, and not something that is representative or symbolic of your significance. It may be a photo which captures a facial expression, a posture or a pose, engagement in an action or an activity which somehow captures some aspect of your beauty and light. The photo can be from the distant past all the way to the present day. The exhibit is less about a perfect photo composition and all about a compelling photo and description which give those who have the privilege to view it, a glimpse of your inner beauty and light.

Submitters will be requested to send a high-resolution photo via email to

Every image must be accompanied by a Photo Release that is provided by Significance Matters. To submit a photo release online check this link – RELEASE

To receive a Photo Release Form via email send a request to

Photo Submission Deadline

Deadline for photo submissions is April 30, 2020

Photo Description

You will be asked to submit a short description of the photo and an explanation about how or why you feel it captures some aspect of your significance.  The description will enhance the experience of those viewing your photo. Click Here for Description Form.

To receive a Photo Description Form via email send a request to

Exhibit Venues

Photos will be shown in physical gallery-type spaces and virtually on the Significance Matters site. Those submitting a photo may choose whether they want their photo considered for one of both types of exhibits on the photo-release form. 

The Gallery Experience

Photography will be the primary medium for the exhibit and will be supported with original music written and performed by Tim Lesmeister, Wyndsor Awad and Nora Lesmeister.  Salon-type dialogue sessions on the topic of significance will be included.

Support for You

If your photo is selected, we will work with you to ensure that your description and image processing are polished into the best possible light before being shared with an audience. Any proposed changes will be subject to your final approval. 

Questions are welcome and guidance gladly offered to make the submission process easy for you. Direct questions to – Rae Lesmeister –

Pre-Work (Optional)

Recognizing that many of us find it challenging to claim and celebrate our own worth, I have included a few reflection questions you may wish to ponder before selecting a photo of yourself for the exhibit. Questions and statements are as follows:

  • Consider moments where you felt fully alive.
  • What feedback have you received about your character or personal traits that fit with your aspirations and values?
  • What are moments when you claimed your own power?
  • What are aspects of yourself you value, relish, or simply enjoy.
  • What photo images from anytime in your life, captures your insights from the above reflection questions?


  1. Select a photo. Send a high-resolution photo via email to
  2. Sign the release form online OR via email to
  3. Write a short description of your photo online or via email to

Contact Information for Rae Lesmeister –