“Walking, stones, water, fire and night sky, sunrise and sunsets are all soothing elements for me.” — Lynette Richards



“I remember the talk we heard at the Marsh about spaces and healing. I remember being at your house on the porch recovering from surgery related to breast cancer. For me, that lovely environment was a haven. It wasn’t just that I had no distractions. It was the Feng Shui of the environment. The colors. The comfiness. The way the porch allowed light to seep in.” — Mary Mertes


“As I drive north, an invisible force draws me to the land where I find solace and connection. The force only gets stronger  as I get close to my special place, our farm in Northeast Iowa. I wake up in the morning, I take my cup of coffee and lawn chair, sit outside with my mom and siblings and look at the beautiful sunrise over the rolling farm land. The love and beautiful memories give me such a feeling of comfort and peace.” — Dolora Michael


“In answer to your question of a favorite place that has meaning… as you know it is France.  What I love about France is the sea, weather, house and our little island.  As for the sea, I love its sounds, its moods and colors.  I also love the freedom of swimming in the sea.  The weather it seems is always sunny and bright and seems to brighten up my soul.  I love the house for its size, I love that we are physically close together as well as emotionally with no TV or wifi to distract us.  I also like the size as it makes us conscious of space and at the same time aware that we don’t need much space or things.  I love the island as it is tries to capture a time and is like a village that we have neighbors we know and people we can be spontaneous with and pop in.  I also like that most people there are in a holiday mood too. My favorite spot in our place in France is a long part of the couch in the conservatory as I love to sit there at the end of the day and watch the sky change colors and appreciate how lucky I am.” — Lorraine Wrafter


“Hmmmm, one thing. I think that I love the best is the huge picture window that overlooks my backyard. I can see my yard, the woods out back, and farm fields on a hill in the distance. It looks like a framed nature photo. I wanted this large 5.5×5.5 ft window w/out panes so it wouldn’t interrupt the view. It also reminded me of the big picture window at my mom and dad’s house. I loved looking out that window over the years. My next favorite thing is the flooring that Don harvested from the neighbors old chicken barn. Old white oak boards and beams. Brings nature into my room. Grounding for me. I guess nature is what I like best about that room. I only have pictures of nature that I’ve taken in that room. Thanks for asking me to think about and describe this. How does it impact my sense of significance? Reminds me that I’m part of a bigger picture, a bigger Source, and that we are connected to nature. Humbling.” — Judy Wagner