Who am I to dare? To dare to inspire and engage you to treat yourself and others with significance.  I am Rae Lesmeister and I dare because I know one of our deepest needs as a human being is to feel that we matter.  I also know from my professional and personal experience that you can unleash great things in this life and help others do the same when this basic human need is met.

To get a sense of who I am and why I care, I believe it makes sense to share both my human doing bio and my human being bio.

My human doing bio was easy to capture and surely reflects my passion for growing and developing leaders around the world.  But who I am really, as an actual human being, was what I hoped to capture in my human being bio and found it more difficult to articulate.  So, acting on the coaching I shared with many leaders, I delegated the task by asking 10 people, family and friends who know me well to send me a list of 5 words or phrases that best describe me.  

While I delivered the goods in the human doing bio, I am a work in progress as a human being. While I do lay claim some of the descriptors in the human being bio, many of the descriptions are filtered by the lenses of those who love and appreciate me. For those, they represent what I  aspire to be and work on continually.